Analogues of Lucky Jet Game

In the world of gambling, a new genre has recently emerged – crash games. The hit Lucky Jet from the provider Gaming Corps is an example of such developments. The principle is simple: an object flies, and prize amounts are credited according to the bet. At the moment of takeoff, you need to stop the object (an airplane or another item), and a reward is awarded based on the coefficient. There are additional bonuses, various features. Those willing to play similar programs can use the collection of crash games on the 1win casino website.

Games at Online Casino 1win

Among the popular online clubs in rankings, 1win Casino is often seen. A popular provider in the world of gambling actively develops and expands its range of crash games. Currently, on the platform, you can take advantage of various offers in this genre with an RTP of 96.5% or higher. All games have free demo access for training. Importantly, the algorithm for winning – the random number generator – does not change, the prize pool is calculated fairly and transparently. Each game brings a real result, is promising, and interesting. To increase the chances of winning a prize, it’s worth planning your strategy and trying different analogs of Lucky Jet.

Aviator – Real Money Game

Among the hits of the online casino 1win is the multiplayer crash game Aviator. This already legendary slot is a product of the well-known developer Spribe. There are no lines, reels, or combinations here, but you can win and withdraw money almost automatically. Players appreciate not only the wonderful gameplay but also the quality customer support and bonus package.

Among gamers, Aviator 1win is also called the “airplane.” It’s simple: a small plane takes off and multiplies the coefficient of the bet amount. How fast this happens and at what moment the plane will stop – that’s the essence of the whole process.

Features of Aviator:

The maximum bet limit is set by casino limits. Usually, this limit is up to 7000 rubles.

There are no special advertising discounts or promo codes. But the casino consistently gives its customers free bets on the first deposit. This is a pleasant support for the player, and the bonus can be played in Aviator or another game of choice.

The RTP level is higher than most similar entertainments – 97%.

The maximum coefficient is x1000. With a bet of 1000 rubles, you can win 1 million rubles, respectively. The minimum is 0 rubles. In this case, the plane will explode without taking off.

Auto-play mode is available for those who want to distract themselves from gameplay.

Users appreciate various benefits in this software: fast registration, bright and attractive design, convenient interface. Many recommend such a game to friends, share their successes in earnings. Also, they often note the pleasant, “hypnotic” music that captivates and relaxes. Perhaps, in this lies the secret of the popularity of the “airplane.”

As for the Aviator game strategy, there is, in fact, none, as in other similar developments. Everything depends on the goal of the person who launched the slot. Some want to relax and experience emotions, others want to win money. Applying strategies gives a chance to increase winnings but insignificantly.

Crash 1win

The collection of crash games on the 1win platform will appeal to all fans of the genre. Here, unique developments are offered that are only found on this platform. Crash toys with automatically growing coefficients are most popular.

Top 5 Lucky Jet Analogues on this Site:

Rocket Queen: The main character of the project is a cute blonde flying on a rocket and often offering serious multipliers for bets. During the flight, she accelerates not in jest, which brings the blonde such pleasure that is even reflected on her face.

SPEED & CASH: A very fast game on the theme of drag racing, illegal races. Here, two racing sports cars, orange and blue, compete for victory. You can bet on one or both, the main thing is to manage to withdraw cash while the police have not caught the car. Here is an alternative betting principle, a “Who will win?” system, that is, 50×50. If a bet is placed on the blue car and the orange one loses, the winning amount will be x1.90.

COINFLIP: An interesting alternative to the classic “heads or tails” game. You have to guess the side of the falling coin. It couldn’t be easier, but the winnings can be quite serious. An amount is bet, heads or tails is chosen – and you just wait for the outcome of the fall. With a favorable outcome, you can continue the process and double your prize. Doubling will continue until the first failure.

Rocket X: It is considered that this Aviator analogue is dedicated to the famous Elon Musk. The hero hugs a rocket, it flies into space, and before it explodes, you need to withdraw the prize amount in time. In fact, the gameplay is identical to Lucky Jet – you need to choose the moment before the crash and take the money.

Bombucks: The gamer selects safe cells and moves on them, but among them, there are several mined ones. There is a choice of the field size, which increases the prize coefficient. After each successfully opened cell, you can withdraw money and move on, with a parallel increase in the coefficient.

The site also has other heated 1win games where it’s definitely worth testing your luck, agility, and intuition. The choice is up to the gamer, and new toys in this genre regularly appear, so it’s worth keeping an eye on provider updates.

What to Play to Win in 1win

Players often dream of getting a prize, aside from the enjoyment of gameplay. Of course, luck plays a role in gambling. However, the choice of a specific crash game is crucial. Here, you need to define criteria for selecting software:

Technical Parameters:

Return to Player (RTP): Players often look at the level of return, typically ranging from 95-97% in the sector, but the higher, the more attractive the corresponding development. There are practically no offers below 94% on the market. During bets, you also need to consider validity – a non-quantitative indicator. It characterizes the likelihood of winning. The lower the validity, the less often the participant wins, but if it happens, the prize amount will be generous. In crash games, it is recommended to choose a slot with increased RTP but average validity. Risks will be lower, and luck will bring profit.

Prospects of Winning:

Often in crash gaming, bets are made to receive a substantial prize pool. If the coefficient is reduced, the prize will also be small, but the probability is higher. Validity increases with the increase in the coefficient. With x500 or x1000, the chances of winning are low, but the prize, if lucky, can be up to 500,000 and 1 million. It’s essential to consider this in investments.

Design and Gameplay:

For users, the design of the slot is important. Initially, crash games were primitive but gained audience interest due to novelty. Now there are many, and developers strive to offer features and take care of aesthetics. Regarding gameplay, two essential points are the coefficient’s growth during the object’s takeoff and the duration of the flight. The factor may seem insignificant, but it has a strong effect on users’ psychology, varying from character, temperament, aesthetic tastes. By choosing the trajectory of movement at discretion, you can increase the likelihood of closing the bet or take a risk, expecting an increased payout.

The collection of crash games on 1win meets gamers’ expectations and won’t disappoint avid users. If you want to have fun and try to win a prize amount, the casino’s web collection is at the service of guests.

Ivan Petrov

The crash genre is a popular type of entertainment software with money bets. The main difference from classic slots is in conciseness and profitability. Here, the player receives a lot of emotions in an unpretentious setting. Excitement and pleasure – plenty, and the bank can be significant.

The popularity of a project like the Lucky Jet game for money in 1win is not surprising. The brilliance of this type of game is that at first glance, the conditions seem unbeatable. But nuances are introduced by the RNG – a random number generator that operates based on the trajectory of the gaming object (airplane, rocket, etc.). This flying symbol of profit can explode or fly off the screen, stopping, leading to the session’s closure. And the bet burns, but you can try again and again.

Today, developers of slots create original projects to attract customers. Progressive jackpots are offered, interesting symbols, funny animations, and bonus combinations are introduced. This makes the gaming process more engaging, while the betting principle and the probability of winning are the same in each crash toy. In this regard, 1win games can be classified as luxury in terms of quality and popularity.